The Lord, she said

"I'll tell you this", she said, "there is no thing with your name written on it where I am falling". She was the Queen of endings, holding permanently a stick on her hand to draw imaginary lines everywhere, where others started, and over all, others ended. He, of course, paid no attention to her sayings. Sitting down looking up to her angry face was all too common now. Her fallings consisted on putting all wrong things into her bag and walk around in circles demanding forgiveness for her current stupidity. He punished her by resiliently saying nothing, keeping his legs open and his hands comfortably on the wood table, moving rhythmically along any song. Their song. She hated him for allowing her to be cruel, for being a painless victim. Reaching limits was what was left to remember their companion. "I'll turn my back on him, for no one who takes that much screaming deserves my presence. I'll slap him as hard as I can as a reward for him remaining sitted when I left the room. I'll knock him right down with the doug roller, maybe the blood running down his head will remind him to defend himself", and she added a million wounds and bruises 'til he was a minute from dying before her eyes, and in that precise moment, when his life depended completely on her will, she finally felt a reminder of him being a body, a living thing with a voice of his own, a laughing creature, it was only within all that anger that she could be certain he was other separated from herself, from the compilation of all the fury and the damage she just inflicted him, she could love him again and put her hands to heal him. She had silently forgiven him for making her into a monstrous girl. "The Lord", she said, "he will spit on both of us for being together all these years, with no mercy he'll punch us each for all kisses and huggings we had, we'll die, u hear me?, we'll die for this happiness, we'll die once already death, turned into floating bodies for eternity". He pulled the chair back, got on his feet, walked towards her, grab her hand into his, "Let's go to bed hon". She was right, they'll die endlessly, but what a noisy and pleasant death each would be.

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